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AOL Editions Released For iPad, Does It Stack Up to Flipboard?

Rich people may be ignoring the iPad and other forms of digital content, but consuming your media on a smartphone, tablet or other device has kind of been a hit with us plebes.

Today, iPad owners got yet another novel, new periodical-like way to consume their media today with the release of AOL Editions. (Did I miss something? What happened to “Aol?”) A bit like iPad user favorite Flipboard, AOL Editions aggregates a few dozen pieces from various online services into a handy iPad magazine. The very digital app has- according to the New York Times– a very “retro” feel, with retro meaning “print media,” complete with a repro mailing label on the front.

Indeed, the branding for AOL Editions is evocative of old media- but the app also has some very new media habits, like learning about your interests as you read. It also customizes content based on your zipcode, and overrides your preferences to a degree with a feed of top news stories. Sharing is integrated with the AOL Editions app, and a calendar function also allows for a more modern slant to the magazine app genre.

All in all, AOL Editions looks to be a very compelling addition to the neo-magazine app stable, and I look forward to giving it a spin. Have you downloaded the app? Are you impressed? If you’ve not had a chance to give AOL Editions a hands on look, check out the clip below: