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Demand Media Upgrades, Extends Pluck

Content company Demand Media has announced a “major extension” of the integrated community platform Pluck, called Pluck 5.

In a press release, the content company boasts upgraded Pluck features that promise “number of new and improved capabilities that enable brands to foster customer engagement, facilitate customer advocacy and accelerate conversion, all while producing significant customer, product and market insights,” and the firm details the changes to the program’s social capabilities.

Among the Fortune 500 companies listed as Pluck users are AARP, Kraft, NFL, NPR, Target, USA Today and Whole Foods, and Demand has indicated “greater out-of-the-box breadth” in the Q4 update. Demand has drilled-down sub-apps into four categories, including Feedback Applications (such as Pluck Reactions, Ratings, Polls, Comments and Reviews), Contribution Applications (including Pluck Blogs, Galleries and Contests), Communication Applications (encompassing Pluck Forums, Groups, Messages and Shares) and Representation Applications (with Pluck Social Sign-On and Personas.) Pluck 5 has a total of “428 social components.”

The update also includes new themes optimized for web, mobile and social extension and ten Pluck Engines, in the Discovery, Exchange and Management categories. Steve Semelsberger, senior vice president & GM of Social Solutions, Demand Media, commented in the release on the impending Pluck changes:

“Pluck 5 represents a major step forward. Arguably the broadest, most flexible, best performing community platform on the market is now even stronger. Six SDKs, 10 Engines, 14 Applications and 428 Social Components enable the best brands to deliver high-impact social media experiences.”

Pluck 5 was not given a hard and fast release date, but it is expected early in the quarter.