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Perez Hilton Launching New Family-Centric Blog, Perezitos

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Immediate kudos to Jezebel for their characterization of Mario Lavandeira, also known as Perez Hilton, as a “noted penis scribbler.”
Perez- who, as the feminist and makeup blog points out is well-known for his short and snarky posts of celebrities with MS Paint semen doodled in at the corners of their mouths- may seem an unlikely candidate to launch a site covering the families and kids of celebs. But as you may recall, the snark blogger did vow to turn over a new leaf just about a year ago, after a rash of gay teen suicides. On the talk show Ellen, Perez told host Ellen DeGeneres that he felt unable to “justify” his abundance of snark any further.
Perezitos.com, the new site, seems to be a movement in the direction of positive celeb blogging Perez promised tearfully last year. He spoke to Reuters about the new Perez-branded site, and said that it won’t feature much of his trademark snark:
“It’s very exciting because it’s just another example of how celebrity news doesn’t need to be negative. People love babies and children and pregnancies. People love weddings; people love new couples. It’s not just about train wrecks and out-of-control celebrities.”
While the site could lose some Perez fans with the lack of edge it seems he’s touting, the seasoned blogger does have a great angle- baby and pregnancy posts often top search trends and the blog-reading public can’t seem to get enough of them. And Perez seems to be comfortable with his new direction regardless of slight traffic depressions or public opinion- the man behind PerezHilton.com, FitPerez.com and CocoPerez.com said:
“I’ve had some people say they miss the old Perez but thankfully, the majority of the comments are people embracing this change and direction, and at the end of the day, the reason I made the shift was for myself.”
Perezitos is currently live, with inaugural posts about Suri Cruise, the Gosselin kids and some viral cute kid videos.