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Flipboard CEO Says New Media and Other Sites Will Eventually Look More like Print


With all this talk that old media is dying and new media is taking over Flipboard CEO Mike McCue chimed in this week, telling visitors at the TechCrunch Distrupt conference that he believes new media and much more of the web will take on a print type feel.

Speaking at the conference McCue revealed:

“I think that the iPad is a superior consumption device for content on the web. It is actually the perfect device for content on the web. We’re trying to create a new type of browsing experience that is right for the iPad.”

He went on to add:

On The Daily and other products that offer media content directly on the iPad, McCue is optimistic. “I think that there will be an opportunity to create new kinds of content companies on the iPad.”

In another interview he clarified his stance, stating that new media sites will being moving away from a continuous scrolling interface which is primarily used now to more of a paginated reflow layout, something along the lines of what Flipbook currently utilizes.

While moving away from a commonly used practice might seem like a stretch it actually makes sense from an advertising standpoint since it would allow publishers to garner more pageviews for their content by having users flip through more pages, while providing their readers with pages that can be consumed without searching around the page for more content.

Do you think a paginated reflow layout is the future of news sources and other new media?