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Tumblr Beats Twitter in Nielsen Reports, Continues Stratospheric Rise

tumblr beats twitter

So blogging is dead, huh?

Not too long ago, it would have been difficult to imagine Tumblr toppling Twitter in use stats- but the little social blogging platform that could has beaten back the Tumbeasts long enough to triple in growth in the past year and come in ahead of the massive microblogging platform in total views. While Twitter- which does not allow for blogging, as Tumblr does- has become a content wasteland in many ways, it seems Tumblr is bringing blogging back with its rich media posting capabilities and built-in sharing functionality.

Nielsen included Tumblr in its recent “State of the Media: Social Media Report” publication, stacking the blogging platform against Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger and other popular networks. The survey revealed that Americans spent 53.5 billion minutes on Facebook and 723.8 million minutes on Blogger, with Tumblr coming in just behind at 623.5 million minutes. Twitter trailed with 565.2 million minutes. (Tumblr recently clocked its ten billionth post, and most of the platform’s growth has been achieved over the summer of 2011.)

Tumblr is unique against platforms like Facebook and Twitter for corporate use in that it really hasn’t been adopted on a large scale for business. But the platform is so well-suited to be both a social site and a company blog that the failure to catch on is somewhat surprising- however, with the rapid growth the company has experienced over the summer, this could be a “matter of time” thing.

It will be interesting to see if Tumblr is adapted more widely by small and large-scale businesses, and whether the adoption of the medium will in turn stimulate business blogging even further. As for personal-use growth, it seems Tumblr already has that covered.