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Deadline Hollywood vs Hollywood Reporter Battle Gets Nasty

The ongoing battle between industry blog Deadline Hollywood and trade mag The Hollywood Reporter has turned nasty with the Reporter turning to lawyers to threaten ongoing coverage by Deadline of its ailing business.

According to Deadline founder Nikki Finke, Prometheus Global Media, the owner of The Hollywood Reporter, wrote a letter claiming

“it has come to our client’s attention that your employee, Nikki Finke of Deadline.com, is now engaged in conduct on your behalf that crosses the line from her usual bad behavior to a concerted and unlawful attempt to disrupt THR’s business. In an effort to gain a competitive advantage for Deadline.com, Ms. Finke falsely has told THR advertisers and others in the Hollywood community that THR is experiencing financial problems [sic] will cause it to make massive layoffs, end its print edition and/or go out of business, or be sold by Prometheus.”

Finke also claims that she is accused in the letter of harassing THR staff such as ”emailing one employee with the threat of ‘humiliating’ him.”

Never one to sit back and take it, Finke fired back, writing among other things that

You can stick this letter up your asses if you think you can intimidate me as a journalist who has spent months now reporting and preparing an article about The Hollywood Reporter which I plan to publish very soon. If anything I have been very circumspect about informing Hollywood about the truth regarding THR. Because the truth hurts.

Finke’s full response on Deadline Hollywood here.