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Uft Curriculum Agreement

It is in this context that we have worked with the DOE to create learning maps focused on priority learning standards for ELA and Math K-8 for September to November (at later rates) and for ELA and Math 9-12 and K-12 Science and Social Studies for the entire year. These can help teams plan and help identify and fill gaps in your school`s chosen curriculum. The cards also offer educators specific support for personal and distance learning. Science and social science maps are based on current scope and sequences. (See learning cards by class) This agreement allows us to move forward together. This is a team approach to ensure that children teach in the best possible way every day. t.co/QIlZNG3wch For teachers who need additional support, Google Classrooms will be available for the first week with the curriculum materials pre-installed. Once teachers have the Google Classroom starter, they can use Google Drive on TeachHub to access materials that can be added to their program. If you have any questions, email remotelearning@schools.nyc.gov Additional Resources are published weekly on TeachHub. The use of this material is not necessary and should serve as a resource for schools that do not have a digital curriculum.

“Absolutely, mathematics would show you that this will be a variable that we have to solve,” she said. “The agreement helps principals have the tools they need to more accurately determine staffing needs and how the DOE can help them in these efforts.” We know that some students go back to school with learning gaps. Many have experienced trauma. We have heard from our concentration groups that teachers cannot and should not follow their curriculum as usual. Teachers wanted the City to identify a set of common priority standards that could help them make important teaching decisions. The city`s new deal with the teachers` union comes when Gov. Andrew Cuomo optimized standards for university closures throughout New York City.

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