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Is An Oral Agreement A Valid Contract

In addition, California`s statute sets out several exceptions that allow a valid agreement or contract not to fail because of a lack of memory as long as they are qualified financial contracts and are supported by sufficient evidence to prove their existence, either that a previous or subsequent written contract indicates the intention of the parties to enter into, before the date of the final agreement on such qualified financial contracts. To be bound. The Supreme Court repeated the same thing in Alka Bose against Parmatma Devi & Ors [CIVIL COURT OF APPEAL No. 6197 OF 2000], the court having decided that even a contract of sale could be oral and that it had the same binding value and applicability as a written agreement. The agreement should conform to the principles set out in section 10 of the Indian Contract Act of 1872 and, therefore, have the same probative value as a letter. . . .

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