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Federal Student Loan Rehabilitation Agreement

Talk to your federal credit holder. It may be a supplier, a collection agency or another business, depending on your loans and how long they have been late. Sign in to your account studentaid.gov if you`re not sure who you need to contact. 1. During the loan adjustment period, information on repayment plans, including the income-based repayment plan, which may be made available to the borrower during the adjustment of the defaulted loan and how the borrower can choose a repayment plan after the loan has been acquired by an eligible lender or assigned to the secretary; and (vi) within fifteen working days of the borrower`s loan amount, the guarantee agency must present the borrower with a written adjustment agreement containing the amount of the borrower`s payment calculated in accordance with paragraph b) paragraph 1)iii), an important explanation indicating that the borrower may object, orally or in writing, to the amount of payment, depending on the method and time for the collection of such an objection. , and an explanation of any other condition applicable to the required series of payments to the borrower`s account may be considered by an eligible lender or an assignment to the secretary (i.e. rehabilitated) for redemption. To accept the agreement, the borrower must sign and return the agreement or accept it electronically as part of a procedure provided by the Agency. The Agency cannot impose, as part of the recovery contract, any conditions unrelated to the amount or timing of pardon payments. The written recovery agreement must inform the borrower – How the system works according to current legislation: the borrower must discuss your options, including the pros and cons of credit consolidation and credit consolidation. If you opt for rehabilitation, the borrower should start with the amount you would pay under the IBR formula. This is the IBR formula for older loans, which relies on student loan borrowers to the tune of 15% of disposable income.

This does not mean that you are allowed to use IBR while you are still in the default setting.

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